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new year spark

Asheville residents are still formalizing their New Year’s resolutions, while trying to keep the ones one which they have already decided. In our previous article, we discussed the first five of our list of ten resolutions for musicians for 2018:

new year sparkles

As we enter 2018, many people have made resolutions. It can be difficult to follow throw with the same resolve from month to month; however, it is incredibly rewarding to reach accomplish goals and make important life changes. Resolutions will range from physical health, to gaining knowledge, and even toward musical accomplishments.

fall color Asheville, NC - Windmill Music Studios Asheville, NC

This weekend, the higher elevations around Haywood and Madison counties experienced their first snow of the season. The cold air has finally brought the fall colors to life in Asheville. The changing leaves attract thousands of tourists to our area. This time of year, it is nice to take short breaks from teaching music to enjoy the natural beauty of western North Carolina. In this short post, we are discussing six great places to experience fall colors:

childhood blog

Do you feel like your child learned to dance as soon as, or even before they learned how to walk? Young children resonate and enjoy music; however, they also learn from it. In our previous post, we discussed the first five of ten reasons music is important for early childhood education:

childhood blog guitar

Most parents recognize that music resonates with children from an early age. Many find music soothing for fussy babies and toddlers, utilizing it to comfort them on long car rides and during bed time. As a child ages and begins interacting with their world, they can learn important lessons from every genre, from classical to pop.